Why campers become leaders

YMCA Camp Eberhart has been developing leaders for over 100 years. Activities at camp are designed to help teach and foster leadership skills. Whether you’re on the high ropes, the rock wall, or engaging in any of our group activities, campers learn about collaborating, sharing the work, communicating, and supporting each other. For every activity at camp, they are not only learning a skill or sport, but also learning to take initiative, to ask questions, to work with others, and to be confident in their own abilities—all traits of good leaders!

Campers also benefit by being in an environment away from home, which can help them to become independent. If they are capable of making their own decisions and taking care of themselves, they soon learn that they are also capable of having valid ideas, of being able to step in and comfort their friend who is homesick, and of engaging in conversations and decisions that affect the whole group.

We also have strong leaders for campers to learn from. Our counselors teach them about camp rules, keep them safe, and model our core values each and every day. Simply put, they are shown what a leader looks like.

We want our campers to recognize their place in the community, to see the value that they can bring. They often start to look for ways on their own that they can serve and help others, essentially becoming a leader!