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Over 100 years of tradition

YMCA Camp Eberhart

has a long, proud history in camping activities and has been committed to nurturing youth development for more than 100 years.

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YMCA Camp Eberhart is nestled along the shores of beautiful Corey Lake in Three Rivers, Michigan. With over 200 wooded acres and a mile of shoreline, our camp is a haven for adventure and discovery.
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What Others Say About Our Camp

Eberhart has made such a difference in  the lives of my children and now my grandchildren. Camp doesn’t just change lives. Camp transforms lives. I want to ensure camp is around for generations of children, helping our young people flourish.

Carmi Murphy

I began as a camper, then became a counselor, eventually a director and today serve on the Alumni Association. I want to make sure camp thrives for another 100 years of campers to come. This place isn’t just a special place…this is home.

Chris Sallows

This is your camp. Some of us have left a lot in this place and we are glad that we were able to. I hope every youngster here will be able to leave something here at camp that will make the place just a little better for others.

George A. Cooper